The End of the Road…

Hey y’all! I’m sad to say that my time as a blogger is coming to an end. Well, at least the time with this class blog. I have enjoy the experience of blogging and am really glad that it was a requirement for my class! At first, I was skeptical about being a blogger thinking: How will I know what to write about? How will I be able to write THAT much on just ONE topic? But it was actually really surprising what I had in me! I am very grateful for the opportunity to better my writing and journalism skills!

Being able to promote yourself and create your own personal “brand” on the internet can be hard, but with the help of this class I can say I now have that for myself! I found it very effective to promote myself and my blog across all different social mediums. The more you promote yourself, obviously, the more people will get to know you! In turn, they start to read your posts more and you really start to develop the personal brand that you want!

What comes up when you Google yourself? Here's what comes up when you Google me.
What comes up when you Google yourself? Here’s what comes up when you Google me.

When hiring, many companies look to see if you have your own personal online brand, so being able to create mine through this class will definitely only benefit me in my future career. It’s been a blast creating my place online and I look forward to continuing to make my brand even better! The skills I have learned in this class will help with that! Overall, I loved the experience and I don’t think it could be improved any way! Click here for tips on how to start creating your own personal brand! Hope to see y’all around on the web, CHEERS!



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hey, again! Welcome back! So, back in January the Texas State Cheerleaders won the UCA International Cheerleading World Competition! This means that they competed against cheerleaders from all over the world…and WON! How awesome, right? Being a Texas State Cheerleader Alumni, I was ecstatic for them! It’s not very often you get to compete against athletes from different parts of the world, but when you do and you actually take home the title it has to mean the world to you!

In my previous post, I talked to a current Texas State Cheerleader and she said it was an awesome experience. She said being able to have that experience with that team was an experience she will cherish forever! After all of that hard work they put in over Christmas break, it has to be the most rewarding feeling when it finally all pays off! People wait all of their lives to have an experience like that, and only very few get to actually have it. I am so beyond happy for the team and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for them in the future!

Texas State Cheerleaders competing at the UCA College International Worlds Competition! - 2015
Texas State Cheerleaders competing at the UCA College International Worlds Competition! – 2015

If you would like to know more, you can check out the Texas State Cheerleaders Facebook Page! On the page, you can get to know the team, follow them throughout the year and see what they’re up too. I hope that you will go check them out! These girls work so hard and hardly get any credit. Please go check them out and show them a little love! Until next time, CHEERS!


Let’s Review!

Today on the blog we’ve been asked to “review” a blog similar to ours. I chose my fellow ex-cheerleader friend, Kelsey. She’s a great girl with a passion for cheerleading and other sports, which is why I was intrigued by her blog and chose to review it! Make sure to go check it out here!

Kelsey & her sweet daddy. Sonora Football Playoffs- 2011!
Kelsey & her sweet daddy. Sonora Football Playoffs- 2011! This pic was taken from her blog:

Kelsey has an awesome writing style and you can tell she is passionate about what she’s writing about. I love that she covers recent stories that are in the media today! It’s fun to hear it from her perspective. I also find it great that she’s a GIRL blogging about sports! It’s definitely a breath of fresh air. I totally believe in GIRL POWER! Women can do anything men can if they set their mind to it, and that’s another reason I love Kelsey’s blog. It has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try something different…something that people wouldn’t expect.

Kelsey and I both have just recently started our blogs and have already come a long way with them. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us (readers) in the future! I know it will be something great! Again, please make sure you go show her some love! Until next time, CHEERS!

Everything You Need to Know!

Welcome back! Last week I received a phone call from my aunt and she was calling for a friends daughter to ask about college cheer tryouts! So, in light of the conversation we had, I was inspired to post about everything one should know to ready themselves for a college cheer tryout! Here’s the top 5 things I came up with that I wish someone would have told me before trying out.

1. Stand out, but don’t go overboard.
I know everyone loves to be the center of attention, but we all know there is a right time and place for that. Make sure you stand out at your tryout. Be in the front, be center, smile, be fun, wear a cool/different pattern or color, but lets not overdo that. Leave out the sparkles and sequins, don’t cake your makeup on…just keep it simple! Be your natural, beautiful self.

2. Be familiar with what the team is looking for.
Okay, so I’ve seen this happen many of times..girls don’t research the team they’re trying out for, they show up, and are completely lost and in awe. DON’T BE THAT GIRL! Google the team, look them up on the university/college website, don’t show up thinking you know everything. Many teams have set skills and goals that they require to make the squad, if you’re nowhere near having those skills…I would suggest finding another school to cheer at. Now, I’m not trying to tell you to give up on your dream, but maybe just postpone it until you have the required skills. Girls always show up with no skill and that is just setting yourself up for failure.

3. Know your material.
I can’t stress this enough! Know.Your.Material. Long before your actual tryout, I would suggest you go to some college cheer clinics. Learn about the different skills and material that college cheerleaders do. learn the lingo, learn how to do it, and then you can go home to a local gym and practice, practice, practice. Also, many colleges require you to know the school fight song before the tryout, this goes back to researching the squad!

4. Be familiar with the school and their traditions.
Every school has it’s traditions like their fight song, school song, what they do for touchdowns, kickoff, and so many other things. You should definitely know these things. Also, know facts about the school! What are the school colors? School flower? Mascot? Anything and everything. A lot of college cheer tryouts involve some form of interview in the tryout process. Knowing about the college and their traditions will benefit you in this interview!

I mean OBVIOUSLY, right?! Just have fun! Don’t get yourself into something that you’re going to be stressing yourself out over 24/7! Do it because you LOVE it! College cheerleading is a BIG commitment and a lot of work, so if your heart isn’t in it 100%, try something different. Like I said before, go out there, be yourself, and let your light shine! Do your best, give your most effort, and never give up, in the long run it will pay off!

Click here for more tips for college cheer tryouts! If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment down below. Until next time, CHEERS!


2012 Texas State University Cheer Tryouts!
2012 and 2013 Texas State University Cheer Tryouts!

Welcome to the Band Shell!

The Band Shell. The calm before the storm.
The Band Shell. The calm before the storm.

Howdy and welcome back! This weekend is one of the most important weekends of a college cheerleaders life…well, some of them anyway! To the ones that are competing at NCA College Nationals, they have an awesome weekend ahead of them!
For anyone that doesn’t know, NCA College Nationals is just as big as NCA All-Star Nationals. The only difference is the cheerleaders are college level, which makes it even more amazing! Each team gets to travel to Daytona, Florida to represent their university and compete against other teams in their division to see who will be crowned THE BEST OF THE BEST!

The competition is April 8-12 and it’s an all-day everyday thing! Each team was to arrive yesterday (April 8) and the competition started today. Now, there are three different performance mats for this competition: The Band Shell, Ocean Center, and Peabody Auditorium. The competition started this morning around 8:30-9:00am and will go until about 9:00pm! That’s A LOT of cheerleading…but honestly, I live for that! So after all of the teams in your division have competed, they will have awards to find out who made it to finals, which will be held tomorrow and Saturday! What’s cool about this competition is that it also open to dance teams, mascots, group stunts, and partner stunts! Also, being on the beach wouldn’t be so bad either!

The Band Shell during the STORM!
The Band Shell during the STORM!

Speaking of being on the beach, because The Band Shell is literally located on the beach, many teams will often practice outside to make sure they are ready to endure the beautiful atmosphere. Normally, you compete in a dark auditorium will only stage lighting but on The Band Shell, it’s so different. You have to take everything into consideration: the wind, the blazing sun, the sweat, and even the screaming fans in bikinis! I imagine things could get a little crazy.

If you’re wanting to know more or you want to check out the scheduling click here to find out a little more about NCA College Nationals. I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed! I will be back soon to fill you in on all of the fun things that go on in Daytona! Until then, CHEERS! (haha. “punny,” right?)